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Open Source Development with LAMP

LAMP or Linux Apache MySQL and PHP is what open source web development is often refereed to because all of these applications are open source there for they are free to download and use. All of the applications listed above are meant for create web sites or web applications and are very powerful programs. In this article we will go over each one, what it is and where you can get it. In later articles we will discuss installing these applications for use on your server.


Linux is an open source operating system that was originally developed by Linus Torvalds who was a student at the time. His goal was to make something that was more powerful and usful than the UNIX systems of the time. Working from 1991 to 1994 he released version 1.0 of the Linux Kernal which was lincensed under the GNU General Public Licenese which allowed anyone to use and modify the kernal to there liking. From here Linux started to take off as different companies and programmers took the kernal and added their own features to it. Over years of modifing and tweaking Linux has many well known distributions out today including what is probably the most popular one Ubuntu. Distro Watch is a great web site to find more information about different Linux distributions. Linux distrobutions have also create what are called LiveCDs where the Linux operating system in installed on to a CD or pen driveĀ and the computer is booted and run completly off of a CD or pen drive.


Apache is an open source web server application that can turn any Linux or Windows operating system into a full functional web server. Since it is open source and a very powerful web server program Apache has majority of the web server market in terms of use. Apache.org is the place to go for news, help and even to download the Apache program to create your own web server. Once Apache is installed and the services are running you have a fully functional web sever. But you still have a couple of other things to install which will bring us to the M.


MySQL is a very powerful very free SQL database application meant for the use of web servers even though it has other uses. MySQL can store anything that you would store into a database, members, pages, email addresses, applicati0n information. The posibilities are near endless and at MySQL.com you can read all of the tutorials, help files, news and download your copy of the newest MySQL application.


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a server side programming language, I have recently gone over some PHP in a couple of other articles I have done. But a server side programming language needs the server to interurpt the code and then spits out the results to the users browser. In combination with PHP and MySQL you can create almost any web application you could ever dream of as well as create dynamic web sites that are easy to update and add to. Just go to PHP.net to help you find information, news and downloads about PHP.

Check back for my next article and videos on installing your own webserver for LAMP.