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Migrating LCS 2005 to Lync 2010

Migrating LCS 2005 to Lync 2010

Microsoft’s communication software has really come a long way from a simple IM application to a full fledged VoIP PBX system with Microsoft Lync 2010. Microsoft LCS 2005 has a very clear path migration to OCS 2007 and OCS 2007 R2 and OCS 2007 has a very clear migration path to Lync 2010. But the support migration path from LCS 2005 to Lync 2010 is to deploy OCS 2007 as an intermediate solution before going to Lync 2010. The reason for this type of migration path is the changes to how LCS 2005, OCS 2007, and Lync 2010 view and modify configuration.

The actual act of moving a user form LCS 2005 to Lync 2010 is not difficult if you understand a few things.

First, LCS 2005 and Lync 2010 environments cannot communicate with each other. So once you move someone to Lync 2010 they can no longer chat or see presence information of anyone on LCS 2005.

Second to move a user you have to disable them from LCS 2005 and then enable them in Lync 2010. Once you disable the user in LCS 2005 you have lost all of their contacts. If preserving users contacts is important to your business (I have never seen a business where is was not important) then you need to make sure you backup your users contacts.  Backing up LCS 2005 user contacts should be done prior to moving any users to Lync, once you disable someone in LCS 2005 not only do you lose their contacts but that user drops off of all associated users contacts. Lync 2010 and LCS 2005 have a nice tool called DBImpExp.exe that will export contacts from the LCS 2005 database and import them into the Lync 2010 database. One the LCS 2005 server this program can be located at:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft LC 2005 Server\Support

And this program can also be found on the Lync 2010 server at:

c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Support

Third, you cannot run Communicator 2005 and Lync 2010 clients on the same computer as when you install Lync 2010 it overwrites communicator.exe and makes Communicator 2005 unusable.

Forth, you cannot have a user active on LCS 2005 and Lync 2010 because a user can only be associated with one front end pool and that is either LCS 2005 or Lync 2010.

Below I will discuss how to migrate from LCS 2005 to Lync 2010 with the least amount of disruption to users.

So as I am writing these instructions I am assuming that you have a working LCS 2005 environment with users in it and communicating. I also assume that you have setup Lync 2010 or are in the process of setting up Lync 2010. Once you have both environments up side by side we can start the migration process.

  • Backup all LCS 2005 users contacts
    • dbimpexp.exe /hrxmlfile:”c:AllUsers.xml”
  • Remove user from LCS 2005 using the Lync Management Shell
    • Disable-CsUser username
  • Wait about 30 seconds for changes to replicate
  • Enable user in Lync 2010 using the Lync Management Shell
    • Enable-CsUser username -RegistrarPool FQDN_of_Lync_FE_Pool -SipAddressType SamAccountName -SipDomain SIP_Domain
  • Wait about 30 more seconds to allow changes to replicate
  • Import users contacts from XML file generated earlier
    • dbimpexp.exe /import /hrxmlfile:”xml_File” /sqlserver:SQL_Servername

That is really all there is to it to move a user from LCS 2005 to Microsoft Lync 2010.