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Display Name Does not show when sending from Exchange 2010

EMail is a big part of everyone’s life know whether they now it or not. We communicate through email with internal and external contact, business is done across email, even some court functions are done across email now.  When setting up Exchange 2010, migration from Exchange 2003, I noticed a lose in a very valuable functionality that most people will not pick up on. Once I migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 my users no longer had their “Display Name” showing up when they sent an External email, all the recipient would see is my Alias and email address. The reason I say most people would not notice this is because they hit reply to your email and send you a reply, I mean how many people actually look at what is displayed when you send an email.  I will tell you who looks, my users and spam filters. Internal email worked great as I would expect since it is never leaving the Exchange environment.

After looking around for a few days on this problem I decided to start taking some Wireshark traces to see exactly what Exchange was sending out when I send an email to an external address. To my slight surprise, Exchange was never sending the display name out of the Exchange environment to the Edge server.  I am still not 100% sure  whether this was by design or just an oversight on Microsoft’s part but non the less I needed it working. So I dove neck deep into every configuration I could find with Exchange 2010 that could be affecting the Display Name when external emails are sent.  I checked Send Connectors, Edge servers, Mailbox Settings, both in EMC and in EMS but to no avail. Then I finally came across the setting that I had spent all this time looking for.  Below are the instructions to turn on this setting.

  1. Open Exchange Management Console
  2. Go to Organization Configuration
  3. Click Hub Transport
  4. Click the Remote Domains tab
  5. Double click Default Remote Domain to open the properties
  6. Click the Message Format tab
  7. Click the check box “Display sender’s name on messages”

It really is that simple, I did not even need to restart the Hub Transport service, it just took a couple of minutes to take effect.  If this setting does not take effect after 20 minutes then I would recommend restarting the Hub Transport service and testing again.

Now when I run a Wireshark trace I can clearly see that it is sending my display name along with the email.  I love it when everything works correctly.